Relax & Rejuvenate

Friday January 10. 2020

Take yourself into nature and allow the crisp winter air and soothing nature to fill your soul. 
A hat, snack, sunscreen , water and layers are always recommended. 

Popular Hiking Trails

1.7 mile loop - $12.50 
moderate 200 ft elevation gain

0.7 mile loop - free
moderate 291 ft elevation gain
7.3 miles out & back - free
moderate 2,257 ft elevation gain 

4.9 miles loop - free
900 ft elevation gain moderate
some climbing

3.6 mile loop - donation welcome
easy to moderate 600 ft elevation gain 

Destination Wedding at Los Arboles?

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Have you ever wished you could get all of the people you love together for a once in a lifetime celebration ? at your own private retreat? If you can picture yourself, your friends and family members in that scenario, you might consider a destination wedding at Los Arboles Palm Springs. At just 21 rooms, a dozen or so guests of each partner will fill the place, meaning you have a full buyout of the hotel. This 1930?s era Spanish Revival boutique resort will be yours and yours alone. Add to that delicious catered food and drinks by El Mirasol, poolside and mountain-view upper deck special event areas and close proximity to the fun of downtown Palm Springs and you have a truly unique destination wedding. Could Los Arboles be right for you or someone you know who will be planning a wedding soon? If the answer is yes, give Scott a call at 760 459 3605 to learn more about how a small boutique hotel can deliver a wedding celebration of a lifetime.

A Great Step Forward

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Amazing and beautiful news today about the return of marriage equality to the state of California. All couples deserve equal treatment and respect under the law along with the many joyous and sometimes … not so joyous moments that marriage can bring. Plus, more weddings equal more cake … and who doesn't like wedding cake? I guess this means we should start working on our Tres Leches wedding cake recipe ASAP!

Catering for People who Hate Banquet Food

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Much of the character of the Los Arboles hotel emanates from the hand prepared, traditional Mexican food served in El Mirasol. Dried chiles are converted into sauces and Pasilla chiles worked by skilled hands become chiles rellenos. Pretty much the antithesis of mass prepared banquet food held in warmers and rolled down hallways to hotel ballrooms. At Los Arboles we cannot feed 375 guests at tables of 10 in 45 minutes or less so that no one misses the afternoon general session meeting. But we can deliver colorful, flavorful, hand crafted Mexican food to groups 20-100 people in a patio dining, poolside or small event space setting. Chef/owner Lisbet Castañeda takes pride in building custom catering menus around the tastes of our special event customers and can provide, vegetarian, gluten free and vegan dishes that maintain that rich flavors and aromas of the food served daily in El Mirasol. If your family, social, or business gathering could use a healthy portion of authenticity, fun and flavor … it might be time to consider event catering by El Mirasol Los Arboles.